Now that you have a general casino roulette tip, we are now going to talk about the best techniques used by the best roulette players.

Before you mention the techniques for winning at the game of roulette, it is important that as much as a player you know how to diversify your game and that you know how to use several techniques and not just one, it means that if the strategy of the roulette player is based on various roulette techniques, this will help him to make a lot of profit .

Now let’s give way to our different techniques and tips of the game of roulette , they are as follows:

  • Labouchère method;
  • Five Towers System;
  • La Hire theorem;
  • Bold Game Theorem.

If these names don’t ring a bell, we’ll enlighten you with more explanation below.

The Labouchère method

The Labouchére method is a method that has proven this last one still applies to the bets that players make on the edges of the roulette table. Applying this method is very easy to understand, you just need to have a series of numbers and then you go and add the very first number and the very last number in your series. Thanks to the Labouchère technique, you can make your winnings over a very short playing cycle .

Five Towers System

This game technique consists of making his game with only 5 numbers, the advantage of this method is that the player can increase his winnings in the event that he loses. Conversely, if he wins he will reduce his stake after five spins. You must play five numbers each time. In addition, the five-turn system is the only progressive technique.

La Hire Theorem 

You are probably wondering what is the principle of La Hire Theorem? well it is quite simple, this theorem consists in determining the movement which is carried out by the ball on the roulette wheel.

The HARDI game theorem

The motto of this bold game theorem is: the less the player plays, the less chance he has of losing .

Indeed, the Bold game technique maximizes the player’s chances of winning because when several bets are made in a row, they will surely result in a loss of money.

This technique aims to make the player responsible for this game and his money, he must have a budget for his game on roulette.

The advantage of this trick is that even with low bets the player can make wins and it reduces the percentage of losses .

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